Exam Creation

Create a test or exam with options offered by My School App.

Options for creating a test

Auto-generate questions

Create a test quickly with predefined exam patterns like JEE, NEET, EAMCET and many more from readily available Mega-QB.

Custom-generate questions

Select topics or chapters with customised duration. Generate test from Mega-QB or own repository

Type new question paper

To create your own test simply type your questions in the user-friendly editor

Other Exam Features

Download Question Paper

Schedule Exams on date and time

Save and Republish Exams

Anti-Cheat Question Paper Ordering

Exam Reports

Get detailed reports after completion of exam

Reports generated after exams are conducted

Get detailed student result

View results either as a list or individual student's full report. Reports also mailed to faculty members

Subject-wise and Topic-wise Analysis & Report

Understand the subject-wise, chapter-wise and topic-wise strong and weak spots for students. Also know highest and lowest scores.

Class-Wise Analysis & Report

Look into performance of each class based on students average marks. Also view class - toppers list

Other Reports

Attendance report

Content / Course Management

Activate/Create & Provide course content to students

More Course Details

Activate My School App Textbook Content

You can activate textbook content (from Mega-QB) provided by My School App. This content is based on latest syllabus.

Create / Edit own content

Select topics or chapters with customised duration. Generate test from Mega-QB or own repository.

Other Course Features


Question & Answers

Institute's own Question Bank

Get extra milege by uploading & managing own Question Bank

More Details

Typing console for all types of questions

My School App uses customised text editor which supports all formats of questions

Difficulty Grading for Questions

Allows setting up difficulty level for every question.

Student Management

Adding and managing students with more control &
care. Access every student’s profile & performance with quick statistics.

More Details

Structured Class Hierarchy

Helps you organise and manage students in every class

Create Student Groups

It also helps in creating students groups from multiple sections


My School App provides you with deep insights that help in discovering the institute’s performance with respect to exam lifecycle


Overall analysis of online tests

Check online test analysis based on various parameters such as:

  • - Class-wise
  • - Subject-wise
  • - Chapter-wise
  • - Topic-wise


School exam report card analysis

Analyse students report card performance based on various parameters such as:

  • - Comparative analysis
  • - Cumulative analysis