Leaves & Attendance Management

  • Create homework with options to upload files
  • Set deadline or non-deadline activities
  • Track homework submissions regularly
  • Moniter early & late submissions
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Daily Homework & Assignment Management

  • Track detailed attendance of every student
  • Live attendance register with leave requests
  • SMS Notification to Parents on Attendance
  • Analyse the attendance health of the Institute

Class Timetable Management for Students & Teachers

  • Subject-wise Timetable for every teacher
  • Teacher-wise Timetable for every subject
  • Real time Timetable for every class and section in the Institute
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Calendar & Events Management

  • Synchronizes calender for all users
  • Live attendance register with leave requests
  • Shows highlight events for the day
  • Manage holidays & events


  • On demand message to staff
  • On demand message to parent
  • On demand message to student
  • On demand broadcast message as SMS & Push notifications
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Manage fee and other payments with MySchoolApp payment service

  • Track payment history of every user
  • On demand late payment notifications
  • Give flexible payments options
  • On-time payments

Institute Exam Report Cards

  • Analyse student's strong and weak spots
  • Cumulative & comparative exam reports
  • Customisable exam report card
  • Exam result notifications
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Image & Books Gallery

  • Create Albums
  • Upload photos
  • Upload books for free or purchase